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Thread: WTS - FPV Flying Glider GUAVA

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    Icon4 WTS - FPV Flying Glider GUAVA

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    Hi again,
    hangar clearance sale...

    This is another FPV Glider, warm liner configuration. It's a custom build.
    Wings are Polystyrene foam core, vacuum bagged with balsa skin. Covering is HK covering film. Stunning design. It was run on 4s 5000mAh. Flight time was about 20mins with no thermals. Launching is super easy. It?s meant for medium to windy days when you need penetration, this is no foamy!

    Wingspan: 2000mm
    Length: 1100mm
    Weight: 2.3kg (all in)
    Propulsion: Turnigy AERODRIVE brushless 35USD
    Propeller: Aeronaut Cam-Carbon folding prop 10USD
    ESC: custom 60 amps Turnigy Plush ESC (added large heatsink) 30USD
    Servos: Ail (2x) Flaps (2x) rudder (1x), elevator (1x) hitec analog 130USD servos are special and allow super-precise centering
    FPV Camera: Rangevideo Camera installed in RangeVideo Pan and Tilt (80USD)
    Vario: Original Team Black Sheep Vario 90 USD

    was run on 1.2G video with a rangelink LRS

    Everything you need is installed other than:

    asking price is 490SGD. Drop me a PM to chat or ask. Pick up location is Tampines.

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    Made a mistake in the above post: 1.2GHz VTX is actually available (inside the plane).

    price drop to 400 SGD PM me if you need more details

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    UPDATE: For convenience and price-drop, I'll leave everything inside. RVOSD, VTX...
    all you need is a battery + Receiver.

    It's yours for 280SGD

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    guys I need to let go 200SGD

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    Still available? PM please. 82617124

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    Plane has been sold!

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