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Thread: Electric Cloud Kitten

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    Nice build joe yap. I choose the yellow and the blue. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for sharing the plans, Joe.

    And thanks for sharing the build. Hope more new people joining the hobby can get a look at this thread- so they'd understand what characteristics a good trainer is supposed to have?

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    Hi Joe, hope you still around, looking at the date of the thread this will be a cast your mind back request. I am a geriatric newbie, aiming to build Cloud Kitten as an electric trainer, I am looking for advice on which to build 48" or 36" version. If you suggest 36" version, do you reduce wood thickness for fuselage etc. If so some guidance would be much appreciated. I think it is a pretty looking model and a straightforward build so will maybe make two at a time until inevitable crashing reduces.

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