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    Singapore Polytechnic Aerial League

    Race Briefing
    Hello everyone! SP Aerial League is the first of its kind in Singapore. A multi-rotor FPV race hosted by SP Aviation Club right in our very own backyard, Singapore Polytechnic!

    It will be held on 27th June 2015, Saturday from 0900-1830.

    The competition will be postponed if bad weather persists.

    The league will consist of two categories, Novice and Open, these two categories allows both the more experienced and the beginners to have an equal opportunity to participate in a race!

    Each category would allow multirotors of sizes ranging up to 450, The race track would include 270 degree roundabouts, crash-inducing obstacles and speeding through air gates.

    So, all of you should be getting ready to don your FPV goggles or setup your FPV monitors, prep up your multirotors and juice up your batteries for this exhilarating experience!

    Event Timeline
    0900-1200 Practice Rounds
    1200-1300 Lunch
    1300-1430 Heats (Novice)
    1430-1600 Heats (Open)
    1600-1700 Finals (Novice)
    1700-1800 Finals (Open)
    1800-1830 Prize Presentation
    Race Format

    All participants will be racing in the heats. The total lap time will determine if you will move on to the next stage where you will compete against fellow participants to move on to the finals. Only the top 3 will compete with each other to fight for first place. Fantastic prizes will be awarded to the top 3 of each category!

    The novice category is designed for beginners in the hobby to take part and compete at an easier pace.
    Participants in this category will be flying around a simple race track plotted out with Air Flags.
    Frame: 180mm - 450mm (motor to motor diameter)
    Battery: 3 cell (11.1v) and below
    Motor size: 25mm and below
    Propeller size: 10 inch and below
    2 blades per prop
    No pitch limit

    The open category is more suited for season flyers who will be rewarded with precision flying as well as speed.
    ​Participants in this category will be maneuvering around a race track filled with obstacles plotted out with Air Gates and Air Flags, and be required to perform tight 270 degree turns around the Air Flag.
    Frame: 180mm - 360mm (motor to motor diameter)
    Battery: 4 cell (14.8v) and below
    Motor size: No limitations
    Propeller size: No limitations

    Race Regulations

    All participants are required to submit their multi-rotors for safekeeping to prevent incidents where they are powered on accidentally and resulting in interference with others multi-rotors.
    Video frequency channels would also be assigned by us to you so that we can have a smooth sailing competition without the hassle of clashing channels!
    There will be an allocated repair bay for participants, who wish to work on their multi-rotors. All video transmitters must be unplugged in the repair bay.
    All participants will be judged by a spotter with access to the video transmission. A time penalty will be incurred should any obstacles be missed.
    In the event of a crash, the participants will be allowed to continue in the race if the multi-rotor is able to take off without any assistance.
    In the event of any false starts, participants will be required to line up again and the race will be restarted. Any participant that false starts twice in a row will be disqualified from the race.
    Participants will be given a time penalty of 5 seconds for missing an obstacle by more than 3 meters. For each race, participants missing more than 3 obstacles will be disqualified from that round.

    Video Transmission
    Frequency: 5.8GHz
    Transmission output: 250mW and below
    Participants may be required to change channel during each flying session.

    RC Control
    Only 2.4GHz radios are permitted.

    Register for SP Aerial League via the form below, after which, proceed with the appropriate link to make payment!

    Registrations would be closed on 21st June 2015, Sunday @ 2359HRS, then we would collate all participants' information and send out an email for confirmation of signing up!

    Payment would be to help us out with settling logistics as well as ensuring that you guys have the best experience with our event!

    Also note, by submitting this form, you grant your consent for your personal particulars to be used for the purpose of the said programme. We would like to assure you that we do not sell or give away any private information shared with us to any third party.

    Form for registration:

    Contact/Follow us
    If you have any queries, do contact us at or you may have an open discussion below!

    Do follow us at our Instagram page to learn more about us!
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