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How do you connect your DJI Remote Controller together with your Phone


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    How do you connect your DJI Remote Controller together with your Phone

    First of all, there seems to be a lot of misconception on how the DJI drone would communicate with the Remote Controller ( here I would use the term RC ) and alongside with your phone.

    There are many ways to connect to your Drone.
    However since I only own a Spark, I will only comment on what I understand from the system for the DJI Spark.

    Methods to connect :

    Drone + Phone
    Connects via WiFi only.
    Search for your drone's SSID from your phone.
    If it is not searcheable from your phone, it's because the Spark SSID is hidden.
    Once you power up the Spark, press the battery and hold for 3 seconds until you heard a beep.
    It will now be available in your phone's WiFi list.

    Drone + RC

    Once power up both Spark and RC, press and hold the battery for 3 seconds and the RC will automatically connects to the drone.
    You may need to follow the App's instruction to do this if you purchased the RC separately from store.
    If you bought it under the FlyMore Combo pack, it would had already been binded in factory.

    Drone + RC + Phone
    Follow the same method to bind both drone to RC as above.
    Then from phone, search for the SSID of the drone.
    Connect to it and you should be able to see LIVE ( FPV ) video feed from the phone.

    Drone + RC + phone(OTG)
    Connect drone with RC as above.
    But this time, switch off all WiFi connection from your phone.
    I set it to Airplane mode. the video below.
    Because there are some hiccups when you connect OTG.
    But I guarantee best video feed performance using OTG because the video feed now comes fed through the stronger signal of the RC system and you then tap the video feed from the RC into your phone.

    I'm Remotely Controlled ...