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Test Post (Please don't read)


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    Test Post (Please don't read)

    This is a test post.

    To the best of my knowledge, the contents here may or may not be the whole true.
    You really shouldn't be reading this post.

    I think I can fly reasonably well, that's why I talk and behave with a little wind at times
    if not all the time. Some people find it hard to accept, but I am who I am.

    I don't usually post new thread except buy/sell threads. But I like to disturb other
    people's threads. So, if you say long in your post, I would suggest short. If you say
    external, I would definitely say internal. I must say things different from you to show
    that I'm different. Why I don't post new thread? It is too much work to post new thread,
    you got to ensure all the facts are checked and correct, etc.; it is much easier and fun
    to disturb someone else's threads. Sometime, my friend and I work in concert to
    disturb a thread; double joy. Furthermore, if I post new thread there will be people
    like myself will disturb my thread. I don't like to be disturbed. When I run out of idea
    how to disturb a thread, I would use some comments from some foreign forums and
    re-post them here as though they are my own comments.

    When I posted WTS thread on behalf of someone, I was asked by admin not to do so,
    which sounded like a reasonable request. However, I chose to be nasty and challenged the
    admin to show me the rule that say I cannot do it. Now that there are rules, I don't follow
    the rules, somehow I feel I own the forum. I just think I can boss around in this forum. Why not?
    Of course in those foreign RC forums, I got to behave like a obedient primary school student
    you know. In this forum, I can use any bad words I like, but I wouldn't dare to do it in any
    foreign RC forums.

    What can this forum do? Ban me? I KPKB lor, LL. And I KPKB all the way to US forum, to no one cares.
    Silly me not.


    This is another test post. No one is suppose to read it.

    I'm another KPKB kind of guy.
    What to do, I can fly well. People must respect me. I'm entitled to boss around.
    I don't give a damn to DH admin or the owners.

    I never disturb other people's threads. I don't bother. Sometime I do give my one cent
    comments here and there to uphold my image. I also don't post any thread except WTS threads.
    If I have something nice or good to share, I would post it on my own blog. Why benefit DH? I'm just a taker.
    Of course if I have an announcement which I want as many people as possible to know, I will post it at DH.
    DH visitors are more than my own blog..hehe. I admit I'm a selfish guy, only take at DH for so many years.

    When DH has no rule, if they catch me for anything, I would say "show me the rule".
    When they added the rules, I would use the "why me" technique.
    Why you only catch me, why other people can do it, I cannot? Why me?
    Why you never catch others. The admin will be confused. Haha...
    And if admin ban me, I would KPKB at him. Keep KPKBing until I get banned and then LL.
    I never KPKB at a foreign forum about DH, at least. I would look kind of stupid if I do that. Not wise.

    I'm smarter than the first KBKP guy, or so I thought?

    I'm here at DH to take, not to give or to share., and to KPKB when things don't go my way.

    I am KPKB2.


      Just to add.

      In case you fly at the same field as me, you need to know I'm quite impatient.
      My flight time is about 4 min as I fly fast 3D. So, you don't fly more than 4 min.
      You should also quickly land your heli and get out of the flying area with your heli at no time.
      If you see me spooling up my heli while you still haven't leave the flying area or still landing,
      it only means you're too slow. That's my subtle signal to you that you're crossing my patient line.

      When I maiden my new heli, I may take 25 min at the flying area. You need to be patient.
      Of course, I could have maiden my heli at one side especially when I'm only measuring headspeed
      or hovering, I shouldn't occupy the main flying area for such long time.
      But I think I'm entitled to such privilege which you guys don't.
      So far no one dare to complain. Only I can complain about you, not the other way round.

      Don't worry, I'm quite a humble guy, at least from the outside.




          testing testing, test is free, free to test.

          You like to KP, he likes to KP
          Uh! KP-KP

          He wants to KB, I want to KB
          Uh! KB-KB

          You, he and me
          KP-KP, KB-KB

          Uh! KP-KP-KB-KB

          Uh! KP-KB.... Uh! Uh! KPKB

          KPKB is part of the hobby...hehe.
          Nothing is going to stop us from KPKBing.


            Just testing.

            The story of Someone, Somebody, Nobody, Anybody and Everybody.

            Someone went to Somebody house. Someone not only making lot of noise in Somebody house,
            but kajiao in Somebody's room. Someone continue to kajiao in Somebody's room until Somebody
            has no choice but to kicked him out of his room. Someone not happy that Somebody didn't let him
            kajiao in Somebody's room, so Someone went to another room to KPKB, but Nobody in the house cares.
            So, he went to another house to KPKB about this. This time Somebody really pissed and kicked Someone
            out of his house. You don't go to Somebody house to kajiao, you know if you do that Somebody
            will eventually kick you out. Mush like if Anybody goes to Everybody house to kajiao, Everybody,
            except Nobody, will kick Anybody out of the house, as simple as that.

            You're not going to get any respect if you don't respect people.
            KPKB for what.

            When you do it to people you have no feeling. When people do it to you, you amplify your feeling.