Hi Guys,

This will be my second entry and SonicSS here saying Hi! I'll start by introducing myself and my beloved hobby for rc helicopters.

I have been in and out of this hobby for roughly 10 years? Started out learning how to fly in Mode 1 on the very first incarnation of the Thunder Tiger 30. Back then was a student and it was a really expensive for me. But scrimping and saving here and there, repair costs were somewhat manageable! Can't find any pics of my first heli, and I guess back then camera phones were not that rampant and if I were to pick heli or camera phone, of course it would be my heli sinking funds!

Fast forward to the present, I have decided to relook into my heli hobby and decided to take out my tools to tinker with one. Do note that accomplished flyer I am not, but I love to build them and the mechanical aspects of it. My medicore skills are just basic orientation and some flying around. Smack 3D or any forms of 3D dont work out for me. I've tried and i guess I have dumb thumbs and lacking talent in this department. It's always entertaining to watch and all the blade farts are just music to my ears.

Oh by the way, it's my first time blogging. And I'll keep it within topics of my hobby and don't flame me if I mentioned something wrong. Instead, justify and correct me. It's a hobby, have fun and safe landings.