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Thread: WTS: (RELISTED) BRAND NEW Dialfonzo Vtail 400 Quad - Professionally built

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    WTS: (RELISTED) BRAND NEW Dialfonzo Vtail 400 Quad - Professionally built

    Price reduced to $649. Originally $699.

    This is a repost as the buyer I reserved for has changed his mind.
    Link of Original Post -

    Took me quite a few months to get hold of this.. trust me this is a rare find not just in Singapore but anywhere. Dialfonzo is too busy and is not making these. I found another guy who had the frames in the US but the deal with guy who built it was I had to buy it completely built and 2 of them, so selling the second one.

    Built by someone who specializes in V-Tail Quads. He has over 5 years of Multicopter experience and over 30 years of RC Car, Plane and boat experience.

    This is a fully tuned V-tail running on Multiwii. Excellent for 3d flying or FPV or just put a camera and Fly.

    It is BRAND NEW Quad - I have checked the electronics and basic flight. The pics attached show me unboxing.

    SMS/CALL 91881901. The pick up is from the city (near little india).

    • Dialfonzo v-tail carbon fibre frame - two color.
    • 1088KV 20-50s witespy motors - these are very smooth.
    • SimonK witespy esc's - great for multirotors.
    • flip 1.5 Flight control multi wii board - tuned for Vtail
    • 8 inch props Gemfan props -unopened in packet

    What is needed to fly it
    • Battery - 3s 2200mah Lipo
    • Receiver - minimum 4 channel, 6 channel preferred
    • Transmitter

    Can provide the following at additional price if you want
    • Spektrum compatible 6-channel receiver (Orange)
    • Turnigy Nano Tech 2200MAH 3s battery

    Since a few of you have asked this - If you are new to this and need help, I can help you with the setup and explain the basic things to get you flying - how to setup the transmitter, software setup for multiwii and basic flying. I had to figure it out the hard way when I bought my first quad so happy to help

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    Price Reduced to $625

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    Well looks like I have two of these and need then money for another project. If any one is interested quoted me a price (please be reasonable given it ended up costing me $700 with shipping)

    I am willing to sell at loss. sms me with your quote - 91881901.

    Do remember this is BRAND NEW, only test flew it once to ensure it flies correctly.

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