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Thread: SG Fr3aK 2017 DLG League Update - Contest #2

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    SG Fr3aK 2017 DLG League Update - Contest #2

    Hi All,

    Our 2017 Fr3ak 2017 DLG league is on for our 2nd contest this weekend Feb 18, location in Tuas.

    Date: 18th Feb 2017 (Saturday)
    Location: Tuas View Drive.
    No. Of Task: 10 tasks only
    Timings: 0845 Briefing. 0900 Start

    Contest Director : Vincent Tan

    NOTE : There is a small fee for participating in the competition...however you can discuss with us if you are keen to try it out.

    For those who decide to join us on this contest and have not register your interest, let me know these two days and we can work it out. Requirement is easy, as long as you have an DLG and can launch and fly it you are welcome to join the contest. If you dont know the rules and format, no worry we can help you learn it on that day. We should finish by 3-4pm for those who just want to take a look.

    We have 50% more pilots compare to our contest #1 in Jan ... 15 pilots and counting now....

    10 Tasks
    Task A - Last 5:00 in 7:00
    Task B - Last 2 x 4:00
    Task C - All up 3 x 3:00
    Task D - Ladder + 15 sec
    Task E - Poker
    Lunch break
    Task F - Best 3 of 6, 3min max
    Task G - Best 5 x 2:00
    Task H - 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00
    Task I - Best 3 x 200s
    Task M - Big Ladder

    on behalf of Soaring Association of Singapore

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