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Thread: WTB: Walkera UP02 and UP02 Adapter

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    WTB: Walkera UP02 and UP02 Adapter

    I am looking to update the firmware on the receiver of my Walker MasterCP to make it compatible with Futaba's FHSS radios. I understand I need the UP02 Upgrade Tool and the UP02 Adapter to do this.

    Does anyone have a spare UP02 and UP02 Adapter that I can borrow or buy? SMS/Whatsapp me at 9139 6693 with details. Many thanks.

    The UP02 and UP02 Adapter look like this:

    Name:  UP02.jpg
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    Name:  UP02 Adapter.jpg
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    Anyone have this? Needed urgently to upgrade the firmware on a Walkera Rx.

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