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Thread: Wilga cup, Ukraine 2013

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    Wilga cup, Ukraine 2013

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    After a day of travel (sg-Amsterdam-Kiev-Kharkov), we reached Kharkov last nite. Its the furthest that we have travelled so far for a contest yet and we were so glad when our models survived in tact in the sportube.

    We are here to take part in the wilga cup. Wilga cup is a F3j, F5j, F3k contest organized by Vladimir models. This year it has attracted more than 200 pilots to come take part.

    Weather is prefect, low 20s, beautiful city. Today, we visited Vladimir factory, did some sight seeing and ended with great dinner. Tomorrow is practice day.

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    Good Luck Pang.....bring a few planes home
    Do you feel the RUSH....!!!!

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    Gold Member VinCopter's Avatar
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    Good luck. Have fun.

    Oh ya. Bring back some plane also. :-)
    Share the joy of flying . . .

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    More exotics planes! Save shipping! silverware secondary

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    All their exotic planes are already available at apach :-). They do have a new hand launch n f3b glider coming soon.

    quick update, just return from crazy party at airfield. It's 12am here n we were already at airfield 7 this morning. These guys can really fly n party hard.

    Yesterday was practice day, we trimmed out the planes. Some minor issues that were solved thanks to the helpful Ukrainian pilots, even though we hard some difficulties with language , they understood exactly what we need. No barriers in this sport.

    Today was first day of competition, we were very fortunate to be paired with one of the top f5j pilots ,from Slovenia in our team. He guided us superbly and opened up a whole new level of understanding in reading the air n thermal hunting. We did 4 rounds today and Vincent did very well n is now placed 6th , on course for the finals tomorrow, top 8 goes into final fly off. I messed up the first 2, recovered some in the 3rd n 4th. 4 more rounds to fight for tomorrow.

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    Tough n challenging conditions for the 2nd day of competition. The winds was coming from other side, much faster than yesterday's prob ard 6-8m/s, n was cold. I managed to recover quite abit, getting 2 1000 (unfortunately one was misjudge) , and a high 900s, while Vincent narrowly missed out for the finals.

    At the end of the day, great results for us. Our team mate Sebastjan won the finals fly off and we came in Team 1st.

    Turned out to be quite a good trip, F5j is really an interesting discipline that is getting very popular very fast. So much we learnt here, we hope to share with you guys at the field when we get back .

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    Well done guys.
    Do you feel the RUSH....!!!!

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    JW; fly at TP
    Congress n well done guys !!
    [B][I]Tx[/I][/B]: [B]Futaba 10CHP on 2.4G,29&35Mhz[/B]
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    Share the joy of flying . . .

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    Congrats and GREAT JOB!!!! Never thought I would see Singaporeans taking part in the Wilga Cup, well done!

    Hey Pang, how about bringing back some of Vladimirs' superlight carbon cloth? I would be happy to buy some for repair work. The stuff I got here is heavy duty.

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    Well done Pang & Vincent!

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    I am so proud of you guys!
    You made the little Red dot a lot more Redder and Bigger!

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    uploaded photos and vids no-repeat left">
    Wilga Cup 2013

    Landings - one of the most exciting part of f5j/f3j

    These guys are really good with the blasters, flying in the night

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    Wow... *jaw drop* the DLG flying is fantastic! They make the launch and catch look so trivial its amazing.

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