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Thread: Sloping @ Bedok Reservoir :Meeting with NPB @ BRS (Bedok Reservoir Slope)

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    Sloping @ Bedok Reservoir :Meeting with NPB @ BRS (Bedok Reservoir Slope)


    Pic 1: On timeand waiting for the authorities to arrive.
    Pic 2: The arrival of the NPB representatives on their Park Limo
    Pic 3: The rest of the NPB representatives arriving on foot.

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    Pic 4: Making the NPB guys comfortable - a small folding table and some mineral water... at the same time Joe distributed the article that was published in RCM magazine about slope gliding at the BRS.

    Pic 5: Giving NPB a quick introducion and what slope gliding is all about... wow power man, an eye opening introduction for the NPB... well done Joe.

    Pic 6/Pic 7: Uncle John sharing his experience with the NPB about sloping and his concerns... Uncle also took all questions thrown at him with much grace and finesse.

    Pic 8: NPB guys listened with much fasination and interest, and of course voiced out their concerns as well.

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    Pic 9/10: After the table-top discussion, our people did some introduction/static demo of the aircraft/equipments used for the hobby. Bro Dennis showing an EZ Glider and the electronics that make gliding @ BRS a wonderful hobby @ BRS.

    Pic 11: Joe explaining why sloping is possible with the terrain found in BRS, (the only area in Singapore where sloping can be carried out effectively).

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    Pic 12: The more experience flyers then proceed to do a "live" demo. Light-moderate winds directly head-on gave the flyers an excellent platform to demonstrate the safe and relaxing aspect of slope soaring... WELL DONE Guys!

    See the video of demo here:

    Pic 13/14: Demo on how a flying wing is launch effectively, level and true.. the rest of the crowd looks on with wonder.

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    I hope the NBP is reading this,

    Again... see the demo on video:

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    Pic 15: After the convincing displays and interesting lessons on slope soaring the NPB representatives left with smiles on their faces... WE too breathe a sigh of relief

    Pic 16: What a job well done... also the passing of the batton to the younger generations..

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    Pic 17: Roll-call... Reporting for debrief: OPERATION: SLOPE SAVERS... Bro Dennis giving a "debrief"..

    Pic 18: After all the excitement who's going to clear the rest of the un-open drinks??

    Joe: Oi, You all better finish up all these, I dun want to carry it all the way down again!!

    Chekgu: ...but..but.. I already finish 2 bottles already...
    Leon: <>

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    The last Pic is where the BRS article is taken from..

    too bad magazine is defunct liao..

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    Good stuff!

    Any chance we can get to read what was published about BR in the RCM magazine?



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    Well done guys!!!

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    I'll leave the comments of the outcome of the meeting to the the real diplomats...

    Joe, if you'll please...

    Overall, an outstanding efforts by all the flyboys.
    Thanks for all your support and concern..

    Cheers and fly safe,

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    I like to take this opportunity to thank our fellow slopers for taking time off to lend their support. Overall I believe the outcome were very positive. Althought there were no confirmation as to weather we can continue flying there but I believe the park officials was impress with the overall outcome. There were indication that the NPB wanting to publish on their website on the activaties of powerless gliding on the slopes in Bedok Reservoir. That a good sign.
    Special thanks to Joe for taking time to even have handout for these officials and for Leon for taking photos of the meeting.
    Great job guys.

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    wow where on earth did you guys dig up that copy of RCM? what a great way to promote singapore!

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    First of all, kudos to all who have attended the meeting and also to those who has contributed thier ideas and points. Even by just attending, the numbers make a lot of differences, not to mentioned the effort from Johnny Wong.

    It has been a very successful meeting but the story hasn't end here. At the moment, we are temporarily allowed to fly by the word of personal trust, from the representitives from the authority (Nparks). The final decision is still under pending as it is now thier job to convince to their higher authority.

    However, in order to keep the trust, we have to stop all kinds of powered flights, including electrics. Don't ask me about e-gliders, helis, ducted fans or any Picco Z as thier main concern is safety to the public. Anyway, we have a lot more places for such models, but BR is the only precious ground we have on slope soaring, so please be understanding and help to desseminate the news.

    At the same time, everyone of us, not just in DH, have to play our part and self-police the place. If you see someone bringing an electric glider or any powered planes, nicely and tactfully explain to them this volatile situation and stop them from flying there. Being a shift worker, I cannot single-handedly take control over the situation, and thus I beg everyone who has learnt about the case to help by spreading the news and at the same time, introduce self-policing when flying there.

    Last but not least, please help me to keep my head on where it should be, which is now very near to a chopping board.

    Thanks you all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joe yap

    Thanks you all.
    Thanks for your effort Joe! and all especially the owner of the RCM mag haha

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