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Thread: Selling Kyosho Motul Pitwork Z 1:10 .15 engine touring car

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    Selling Kyosho Motul Pitwork Z 1:10 .15 engine touring car

    Selling Kyosho Motul Pitwork Z 1:10 .15 engine touring car.New never run on road before.Just tune engine only.No TX and RX.$100 Hp 97875194
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    Align Trex 600N (Nitro ) Full Bling Gyro GY611. Governor
    TJ Rev Max
    Mini Titan SE
    DJI Phantom Quad

    Glider EP

    TT Soaring Star (2M) Glider
    Reichard Baracuda (3M) Glider
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    Kyosho 1/10 pitwork nitro car
    Baja 5B SS 26cc gas engine with tune pipe

    Nitro Plane

    Sportman Aviation 50

    Gas Plane Hokusei 300L 30cc Gas Plane
    Goldwing Edge 540 50cc Gas Plane
    Blackhorse Splitfire 120 size with DLE 20cc gas engine.
    Sebart sukoi 30cc gas plane
    Hokusai 30cc gas plane

    Kyosho 40 size Splitfire Os 56size 4 stroke plane.
    Hyperion Telios 90 Electric plane.
    JR XG 14 DMSS
    Futaba 14 MZ

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