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Thread: Hot Wire Foam Cutter

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    Hot Wire Foam Cutter

    I have looked all over this site and others trying to find out what wire and gauge size is being used in the home made foam cutters.. And what wire gauge and temps are used for what foam and thickness.
    Going back to 1970 we used nichrome wire 20-22 gauge and used a old or new model train transformer for power on are manual bow cutters..

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    google rene wire, some guys sell it Singapore.

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    Back in the 1960's, I used steel music wire, right out of the hobby shop. If memory is correct, wire was something like 0.010 or 0.012 inches or so.

    It takes a little more power to heat up the steel wire, but on the other hand, you can place far more tension on that steel wire. That tension results in less "Sagging" of the wire while cutting the sharp curve of the leading edge of the wing.

    Power was something like a 10 or 15 Amp lead acid battery charger. The amount of heat was varied by using 10 or 20 feet of standard #18 gauge lamp cord. Just make the lamp cord shorter until you get the correct amount of heat. You will need a digital multimeter with a 10 Amp DC range to make certain you don't overheat your charger. (Or, you could just use a deep cycle battery!)

    I made a lot of wings with that bow. (The bow was made out of a piece of 1 X 2 inch oak from the lumber store, with two 3/16 inch by 8 inch long pieces of music wire inserted into each end of the piece of oak. A real short spring from the hardware store connects to one of the 3/16 inch diameter music wire to provide tension for the music wire. I used something like 10 or 15 pounds tension.)

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