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Thread: What is best tool to cut 2mm arcylic sheets?

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    What is best tool to cut 2mm arcylic sheets?

    Wanted to cut a straight cut for a thin sheet of about 2mm thick.
    Using hack saw is no easy way with poor finishing.
    Btw i got no acess to those huge cutting machine thats why I come here to ask.
    Please advice. Thanks.

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    A good way to achieve a clean cut for acrylic, plywood or balsa is to use laser cutter. A 40w laser can cut up to 4mm thickness.

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    score the sheet a few times and then "break" it along the line

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    Thanks for the reply. The score method works really well.
    The tool to make a deep cut cost about $5.
    Hold to the edge of a table top and break the sheet.
    Mostly I will use saw for any cutting job.
    BTW I am making number plate for the eBike. LOL

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