If you like to maximize the life cycle of your Lipo batteries, the following are my
humble suggestions for your reference.

1. Set your charger so that the max charging voltage per cell is 4.18V instead of 4.2V.

2. Don't charge your Lipo batteries more than 1C if you can. In any case, not more than 1.5C.

3. Never charge your Lipo batteries without balancing. Check to see if all cells are balanced
at the end of charging.

4. Don't do parallel charging.

5. Check the balance cables/boards of your charger regularly. Connection problem of the
balance cables/boards can cause the charger to miss read the cell voltage and over charge one
or more cells. Best practice is to set your charger to display the individual cell voltage once you
connect a battery to the charger. Check that the voltage of all cells are okay and make sense
before you start charging.

6. Don't over discharge your batteries. Not lower than 3.75V per cell.
The cell is as good as gone if it is lower than 3.2V.

7. Storage charge is around 3.8V to 3.9V per cell.

8. Allow a battery to cool down after a discharge before you charge it again. My opinion is to
wait for two hours (to allow the middle cells to cool down) before you charge it again.

Not all points are listed here. Some are common sense.

I saw someone charging battery at the field using his car and a small charger.
The car engine was running, the charger input was connected to the car battery,
and .... the lipo battery was placed on top of the radiator during charging.
I didn't believe my eyes.