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Thread: aircraft lost at strathmore ave 22jan17 0800hrs

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    aircraft lost at strathmore ave 22jan17 0800hrs

    dear all,
    a cessna 747,white with no decal, was lost at strathmore vicinity,queenstown.
    i was flying it frm qtn library bt d wind pushed it towards strathmore ave.d last i saw was a dot flying near the level of the roof of blk 53.i pitched it down to crash it last ditchbut it went out of sight.i cant tell if it was onfront or behind d block.i am appealing to everyone, if u saw the plane or picked it up, pls contact me. i need it very much. i tried tofight the wind but it was too little too late. my no is 90932387
    pls pls get back to me.

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    I assume that u went to the approximate crash site to look for the plane and hope that no one was hurt or no property damage.

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    i did, no trace of the plane, let alone injury. it was still 150ft up b4 got lost around a building. the glide potential could hv brpught it out further. anyone, pls do inform me especially if ur at lengkok bahru or behind d car showrms at alexandra

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    gents, any sign at all? or heard of a plane cmin dwn in some location?

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