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Thread: Wooden Model ship (Baltimore Clipper)

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    Wooden Model ship (Baltimore Clipper)

    Good day everyone! This is my first ever post in this forum really nice to meet u guys!

    I bought this kit from TaoBao, and modified a lot for better details. This type of ship is called Baltimore clipper and they are widely used in the 1800s due to their speed and light size. They act as coastal guard, to keep the coastal area free from pirates or other threats.

    I started this kit around end of March, and just done it at the beginning of this month. Hull and masts are built by American walnut, and deck by maple. The reason I didn't put sails on is because I'm finishing this model in a launch way, and putting sails on might look strange.

    Ship Type: Baltimore Clipper
    Ship Name: Halcon (Not historical accurate)
    Scale: 1:48
    Length: 780mm
    Height: 530mm
    Width: 250mm

    Starboard view
    Name:  20151115_092830.jpg
Views: 131
Size:  36.6 KB

    Port view
    Name:  20151115_101443.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  36.4 KB

    Bow view
    Name:  20151115_100745.jpg
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Size:  47.5 KB

    Name:  20151115_104913.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  53.6 KB

    Stern view
    Name:  20151115_104742.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  56.3 KB

    Name:  20151115_093225.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  41.8 KB

    Dolphin Striker
    Name:  20151115_105248.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  55.1 KB

    Name:  20151115_093549.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  60.2 KB

    Deck Pump
    Name:  20151115_093611.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  73.6 KB

    Gratings & Cannon balls
    Name:  20151115_093745.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  76.7 KB

    Fore & Aft mast fiferail
    Name:  20151115_093853.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  80.7 KB

    Name:  20151115_094201.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  61.3 KB

    Name:  20151115_094001.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  53.2 KB

    Companion way
    Name:  20151115_094218.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  58.5 KB

    Deck View
    Name:  20151115_094450.jpg
Views: 129
Size:  58.9 KB

    Name:  20151115_101515.jpg
Views: 130
Size:  71.0 KB

    Name:  20151115_094604.jpg
Views: 127
Size:  63.9 KB

    Chain straps and scuppers
    Name:  20151115_101246.jpg
Views: 128
Size:  59.6 KB

    Name:  20151115_100834.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  54.1 KB

    Name:  20151115_102338.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  57.5 KB

    Deadeye tackles
    Name:  20151115_095832.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  75.2 KB

    Shrouds and ratlines
    Name:  20151115_095810.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  81.8 KB

    Rigging details
    Name:  20151115_095158.jpg
Views: 127
Size:  61.6 KB

    Throat halliard
    Name:  20151115_095727.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  43.2 KB

    Lifts and braces
    Name:  20151115_100000.jpg
Views: 126
Size:  72.1 KB

    Top gallant yard
    Name:  20151115_100154.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  36.9 KB

    View of rigging from deck
    Name:  20151115_105424.jpg
Views: 127
Size:  63.2 KB

    Rear rigging details
    Name:  20151115_101530.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  53.2 KB

    Rigging work from top
    Name:  20151115_101602.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  75.1 KB

    Parral beads
    Name:  20151115_095635.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  65.0 KB

    Name:  20151115_105225.jpg
Views: 125
Size:  42.3 KB

    Hope you guys like it.
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    That's a beauty..
    The kit available in singapore??
    I love PAP

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