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Thread: Old holland road

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    Old holland road

    I bring my kids to fly her navy plane at old holland rd in versa day (Monday) night time 630pm after I leave the place. next day then I reliase I drop my lv wallet there. If any bro n sister find pls msg me 98269996. Inside the wallet have encrave my name Ray all my atm card. Tks for the help.

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    If you are sure that dropped in ohr, sure can find one.
    Unless someone found and did not want to return to you.

    We have dropped keys, wallet.. Etc.
    Just get a group of friends and comb search the place..

    Approximately which part of ohr?

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    I dropped my wallet around the t junction at ohr. If anyone has seen it please sms me. Tks in advance.

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    Thanks to the good hearted person who return me my wallet.

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