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Thread: Movie : Sky Fighters

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    Movie : Sky Fighters

    For those who would like to watch the French Air Force Mirage 2000 featured in a movie, Sky Fighters (with English subtitles) is now available on Youtube. The aerial sequences such as dogfights and formation flying are beautiful staged and filmed.

    Sky Fighters is available as a DVD.

    Click on this link to watch the movie. Remember to turn on the English subtitles.

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    Watched the youtube version . first 20mins of it , the english subtitles came on very late , almost 10s after their mouth stop talking . Is it just me or what ? I think i will like the movie , just hope that i could solve the super late english subtitles problem .

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    There is a delay in the display of the English subtitles. Other than this fault, the film is quite entertaining.

    The last occasion a Mirage 2000 seen flying in Singapore was at the Asian Aerospace more than a decade ago. Currently, the aircraft is in service with the Taiwan Air Force and the Indian Air Force.

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    Ok i think this film qualifies to get as a DVD . Hope i can get it at our neighbourhood DVD shop . The delay in english subtitle really kills the mood to watch . Its even worse near the end .

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    A few years back I saw a music video "Into The Fire" and it uses the video clips from that show.
    I posted before in this forum before...but that source is no longer exists.

    Anyway, I manage to find that video again in YouTube. Here is the link:

    EDIT: Here is another different music video. Higher quality.

    The Song title: "Into The Fire"
    Sung by "Thirteen Senses"

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    Thank you for the additional link showing the Mirage 2000 from the film.

    I have checked with several video rental shops in the Bukit Batok area to rent the DVD. Unfortunately, none of them has it.

    I have contacted LaserFlair to purchase one but was informed that the company does not carry it anymore. I have placed an order for it. Hopefully, the company will import a few copies for sale.

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