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    Hi guys having reading much about all these tank thingy i would like to know the cost of tank setup and wat brands,tank size mostly people play, place to play,transmitter to use etc for a newbe
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    Hi, it depends on what tank you're intending to purchase. There's 1/35th scale Tamiya IR tanks, 1/24th scale VS tanks, 1/16th scale Heng Long and 1/16th scale Tamiya tanks. The various IR tank brands are not compatible with each other. The following is strongest for Tamiya 1/16th scale.

    1/35th scale Tamiya IR tanks
    Here's a sample:
    They come in kit form, include radio and electronics, and also IR battle gear. They're nice but the drawback is that the suspension does not work. The models available are pretty limit too. These go for $300-500 depending on who you buy it from.

    1/24th scale VS Tanks
    These feature a broad range of tanks, particularly modern tanks. Prices are in the $200 plus range, and they come assembled. The later models have proportional stick control. Early versions use button controls. You can find more info on this link:

    1/16th scale Heng Long
    Heng Leong tanks are cheap and impressive for the money you pay ($200-300). Their earlier offerings are quite shabby but later tanks such as the Panther G, Jagdpanther, Type 99 are pretty decent looking and playing tanks. These all come assembled and ready to play, including radio. Heng Long tanks come with an option of pellet shooting or IR shooting tanks. They are unique in having simulated smoke as well.

    1/16th scale Tamiya

    Prices start at around $800 for a full-option M4 Sherman kit and peak at $1500 or so for a Leopard 2A6. You can get XB (Expert Built) kits as well, but allow for 50% higher prices, although they come ready to run with everything you need.

    What do I get?

    You get a big box with a bunch of parts, which given a couple of weeks of gluing, screwing and painting, comes together as a 1/16th scale model tank with engine sounds, movement, and lights (varies by model).

    What else do I need?

    You need a standard 7.2v battery pack (7.4v LiPos will work too), at least a four channel radio, and if you intend to participate in infra-red games, a Tamiya Battle Unit costing ~$100. Prices have risen - as of March 2012, the best price I could find is via Stellamodels, at approximately US$80.

    What tanks are there?

    In order of release, Tiger I, M4 Sherman, M26 Pershing, King Tiger (Production Turret), Leopard 2A6, Panther G, Jagdpanther, Panzer IV, KV-1 and KV-2. The only modern tank in this series is the Leopard 2A6, the rest are World War II tanks. Recent re-releases of the (more) modern Leopard A4 and Flakpanzer Gepard can be converted to RC, but do not come ready out of the box.

    How does IR gaming work?

    Each tank carries an infra-red emitter and an infra-red receiver. The game proceeds by tanks attempting to shoot infra-red beams at each other without getting shot in return. Generally the team with tanks remaining, or the last tank standing wins. From certain angles, a tank is more vulnerable to enemy shots. Tanks can be set to light/medium/heavy weight class. Reload time is inversely proportional to the number of hit points.

    Can these tanks be hopped up?

    Yes, you can get ball bearings, metal tracks, photo-etched components, additional barang-barang such as boxes, helmets, ammo boxes to hang outside the tanks. They look just as good displayed on a shelf as they are in the field.

    Where can I buy these tanks?

    You can find them at the local Tamiya dealer Stargek, at well-supplied hobby shops like Elite Model, via eBay, or hand-carried back from Hong Kong where the prices seem the cheapest.
    Tamiya Tiger I, M26 Pershing, Leopard 2A6, Scania R620/flatbed trailer, Wedico drop deck trailer

    SG Tankies:


      If you wanna a good quality and cheapest, get a Tamiya 1/16 Sherman kit, easy to build, not a complicated tank. $800+ should be around the kit price (kit only). I had already own the following : 2 x Leopard 2A6, 1 king Tiger, 1 Panzer 3, 1 Tiger and 1 Sherman. 3 of them are RC and the rest are static.


        well i think VS tank is better compare to tamiya as the cost is high,compare to heng long quality much any advice tankie guy.
        so anyone own VS tank in the east may be can hold battle at bedok skate park.on the evening time .


          I stay in Tampines and own 2 VS Pro tanks.

          It would be fun to organize some battle in the east.

          Let me know, weekend evening would be good.