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1/16 scale rc tanks

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    1/16 scale rc tanks

    I am rather curious about this hobby, having some experience in building and painting military models(mainly 1/35 ww2 tanks and a leopard 2a6).

    Now, as i do not have the financial capability to purchase a 1.6k++ tamiya 1/16 scale rc tank(still a student), i am rather curious as to whether it would be possible to purchase a cheaper heng long one and buy the tamiya ir battle system and install it in the tank to play in rc battles.

    I was considering a HL king tiger IR, is that one compatible to play with the tamiya tanks? I already own a compressor and airbrush, so painting the tanks wouldn't be much trouble.

    Just need some opinions on the drawbacks of a heng long tank, is there anything i should keep watch for? Also, what will i need to mod for the tank?


      None of the Heng Longs are compatible out of the box to play with Tamiya tanks. Heng Long tanks usually cost around $200-300, and come with RX18 control units. They require good cooling otherwise they can be quite unreliable. You will need a DBC to bring it to compatibility with the Tamiya IR systems. Alternatively you can buy Tamiya control units and put it into the Heng Long. All up, you're bringing it close to the price of a used Tamiya tank.

      Most Heng Longs don't measure well against their Tamiya counterparts in terms of detail and mechanical design. The only exception I could see is the Heng Long Panther and perhaps the KV-1.

      If you are interested, I have an RTR Tamiya Tiger I for sale at $800, and all you need to add to it is a battle system and some batteries.

      We are having a meetup tomorrow at Pasir Ris Elias CC from 12 till evening, feel free to come by to take a look and ask questions.
      Tamiya Tiger I, M26 Pershing, Leopard 2A6, Scania R620/flatbed trailer, Wedico drop deck trailer

      SG Tankies:


        As for HL tank price is much cheaper than Tamiya but as for HL after all hob up metal upgrade , the detail are gd . However do you really want your Tamiya tank to run a cross rough sandy terrain will have lot of broken parts and burn your pocket too. Tamiya tank are great for thier details but most of the part are plastic .


          Its a gd choice interms of budget for HL tank . I had a HL tiger 1 fully metal upgrade weight abt 4 kg with new clark TK22 borad IR or Airsoft to choose and a HL Panzer III fully metal upgrade with Clark TK22 board 2.4 gzh , when through very rough terrain they are great . After these upgrade it's still cheaper than Tamiya tank. You can consider .