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    Buying motor from China

    I bought a motor from a China vendor through Aliexpress.

    The motor came with a manual that is for another product, similar but not the same product.

    The controller that came with motor has an additional button, "T. Run".
    This button is a tact switch, i.e. a push button; you can only press and release it.

    I cannot find any information from the manual about this marked as "T. Run button" on the PCB.
    So, I wrote to the vendor through Aliexpress message center.

    Me : What is the function of the button "T.Run" ?

    Vendor: T run is the total time of motor;

    Me: You say button "T. Run" is for Total Time of Motor. How do I set the time using the button?

    Me: I want to set the motor running time. Can you explain the procedure to set this.

    Vendor: For motor running time, you just tune T run button; you can decrease or increase the time.

    Me: I don't know what you are saying.

    Vendor: motor running time, you turn thhe button to change the time;

    The button can only be pushed, not turned.
    Does anyone know how I can turn a tact switch? LOL

    Click image for larger version

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