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Check List for Safety Reason


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    Align 600A H60115 batch of blades with serial number of "FG" & "GG" known to explode, send them back.
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      Much said on safety checks.

      However, good to add First Aid Kit.

      A handy plas and antiseptic to stop minor cuts are essential, besides wrenches, extra batts and ball-ring pliers.
      Work Hard, Play Harder.


        SAFETY during repair/tuning/setting??

        Hi Guys,

        How about some safety tips during setting up, tuning or repair work etc?
        eg. removing of blade? remove motor wire?
        Saw some video, they do advice removing blade before the start of anything (setting of gyro). Or remove wire etc.

        Learn the painful way.
        Playing with the setting and wanted to check if the swashplate is ok. So decided to revise the servo (dunno how tru but for me, once reverse, the motor will not move) instead of removing the wire since i am already in setting mode.
        Motor suddenly spin top speed! Trust me, its scary. Tho i am not injuried, i could have been badly cut. Lucky for me is that the battery was not secured, so it flew off. (i connect but leave the battery on the floor).

        While too new to heli to give any good advice. Maybe you guys can share more and we (newbies) can prevent killing ppl around us Or should i list another safety "stay away from newbies" as safety precaution? haha.

        pocket injuried
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          Be safe, NOT sorry.

          Images are graphical. Respect yr helis and fly away from you.
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