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2014 F3K Asia Pacific Open Compettion


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    2014 F3K Asia Pacific Open Compettion

    I would like to give a shout out to let F3K (DLG) enthusiast in Singapore know that there will be a competition held next year. I'm hoping to find out if there's anybody would like to come forward and represent Singapore in the compettion.

    At this point, we are voting to decide on the venue:

    1. Australia (Melbourne) - 5th & 6th April 2014


    2. China (Guangzhou) - 4th & 5th Oct 2014

    Please contact me if you're interested.


    SG Fr3ak League :!/groups/SG.Fr3aK.League
    BR Slopers :


    China has been voted to host the 1st F3K Asia-Pacific Open Competition in 2014. Participating countries will include China (of cos), Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Just to put thinkgs in perspective, New Zealand took 2nd place in the World Championship 2013. We should start training soon.

    Hope to get some support in our local scene to attend the inaugaral event.

    F3K, all the way!

    SG Fr3ak League :!/groups/SG.Fr3aK.League
    BR Slopers :




        Thanks for the update bro. Will confirm attendance as soon as I can...


          Looks like next yr Oct going to be a bz month. We need more practice on the tasks during competition environment, suggest monthly contests held at different locations. We can take turns to be CD. While Ray can be our strength n fitness coach.


            Next week we leave for APO F3k in China.

            Team SG
            Sherwin Choo
            Lee Yizhi
            Alif Chong

            Wildcard entry
            Ronald yong

            Team manager
            Richard ong

            3rd Oct we have 1 day comp SCSA open - draws
            4,5 Oct we have the APO - draws


              Join us on facebook for daily updates

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                trip report

                The Asia Pacific F3K Open concluded last Sunday, a total of 46 pilots from 8 countries took part in this inaugural competition in Sanshui , China. We went thru 2 flying fields and 4 different days of conditions, perfect for competition. Team SG did pretty well and came in a credible 3rd place for team placing.

                Click image for larger version

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                1st Oct - Arrival.

                We left for China on 1st Oct, their golden week holiday, so jam was expected. Anyhow we got charged extra by China Southen airlines for oversized and excess baggage, my first time ever after so many years of bringing planes overseas. When we reached we waited for 2 hrs before the bus arrive to come pick us up. Another 1hr plus before we reach the hotel. We had some rest before heading out for dinner. Came back fixed up our models ready for practice next day.

                2nd Oct - Practice day.

                We headed out for practice at the main contest field about 45mins from hotel. The field was located near the some vegetation and farm, beside it is a river with a high dike. Air was smooth and thermals abundant throughout the whole day. However it was also very hot with temperatures reach a high of 41 degrees. We did some trimming flights before taking shelter in the a/c bus during noon. Super hot.

                Click image for larger version

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                Towards the evening, it became cooler and we did more flights trying to figure out the thermal conditions. At night we headed to seafood restaurant for dinner. Food was great!

                Click image for larger version

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                3rd Oct - SCSA open.

                SCSA open was a warm up competiton before the main APO comp. Conditions changed from practice, the thermals were not so easy to find once the cloud cover came up. Wind picked up towards noon before dropping to relatively calm in the evening. 6 tasks were flown, Joe wurts (soaring legend) won the SCSA open after 5 tasks. His air reads and flying was just top notch.

                Click image for larger version

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                YZ had a mid air in afternoon , his snipe collided with another snipe and went inverted. Unable to pull out, it went head into the ground, wings and boom broken. He had to use his back up concept 3 for his last 2 rounds. Luckily he was able to loan a snipe from one of the guys to continue for APO.

                SCSA open results

                4th Oct -APO day 1

                We arrived at the main field as usual only to be told that the authorities decided not to allow us to fly on that field due to some safety issues of a fire that happened the day before. So the organizers changed and we had to relocated to the back up field. First half of the day was spent relocating and setting up on the back up field. The back up field is interesting, it is located on the tip of an island in the middle of a large river, and a couple meters above the water level. Upwind are some buildings on the other side of the river which is quite wide. Downwind of the field is the tents, flags, power lines, a cliff to the water, and then large boats. Lots of sink traps , turbulence. The tall grass and uneven ground also made it hard to get a good launch.

                Click image for larger version

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                Main highlight of the day was Joe wurts save in AULD, he was long way upwind and 10 meters above the ground. He walked over to the lip, and managed to fly and salvage the flight by sloping the river bank, buying time before some small thermal hits brought his snipe higher and he managed to save it with a full score, just incredible to watch. We flew 5 tasks before heading back to hotel for dinner. At night Joe gave a short lecture on thermal soaring at the bar, really useful tips and open up insights to thermal soaring.

                5th Oct- APO day 2

                Final contest day, the winds picked up 4-5ms gusting 6-7ms. Fast thermals , turbulence air, perfect for fly off.Lots of carnage that day - models hitting the power lines, landing out into the rivers . So many incidents.

                Click image for larger version

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                We finished the last 4 prelims rounds before lunch. The top 12 pilots entered into fly-offs. We were well represented in the fly-off by YZ who called for Carl from Australia. 3 tasks with a 15mins break followed by another 3 tasks. Joe Wurts had a perfect score from the prelims coming into the fly-offs. Many will expect him to win easily. However once the fly-off started, things were not looking good for him. In the 5x2, on a relaunch, he hit a caller and received zero for that round, an upset was on the cards. We were betting on the Top China pilot Zhigao . In the end, Carl from Australia took the championship with very consistent performance in all 6 tasks.

                Final results

                1. Carl Strautins (Australia)
                2. Jon Day (Australia)
                3. Tang Zhigao (China)

                1. China
                2. Japan
                3. Singapore

                APO scores -

                Click image for larger version

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                We met many new friends, learned from them and now know where we stand. Many things for us to work on and improve. It was an eye opener for us flying with top notch pilots. We had fun and worked well together as a team. Hopefully we can share this experience and knowledge with the rest of the guys. Next APO most likely will be 2016 Australia, while next year besides our local F3K league, there is also world champs in Croatia. So keep on flying and practice and see you guys at the field soon!

                Click image for larger version

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                Rest of my photos