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    MiniZ ESC

    Question to those who have newer generations of miniZs.

    Do you guys have to engage 'reverse' twice in order to do a reverse after forward throttle control?

    Ie. Going forward -> neutral -> brake -> neutral -> reverse?

    Just gotten a miniZ Monster and am wondering if the ESC is faulty.
    My old generation miniZ's reverse is easy.

    Forward -> neutral -> reverse.

    Hmm looks like no car runners here again....

    Anyways for those who want to know, Koysho emailed me and said that this is a new function to prevent ESC & motor from burning out...blar,blar...

    They mentioned that this control method is also incorporated in most newer ESCs with reverse functions for cars.... throttle, neutral, brake, neutral, then you gotta tap brake once b4 u can reverse....

    Grrrhhh...I hate this method of reverse controls.....totally not used to having to hit reverse twice, not to mention that when we fly planes or run nitro cars, there's also no reverse.....Boy am I outta touch in the RC car world. :P