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Lipo on 1/10th cars?

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    Lipo on 1/10th cars?

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone here have tried using lipo cells on 1/10 car running on brushless. Anyone tried using those etec lipos from mack for car application?
    How many amps can the etec lipos output?say for example the lipo is 10a continuous, and i use 4s1p would be 10a? and 4s2p would be 20a? I need batts which can output around 50a( estimated power for my bl system) but i dun think having 4s5p is feasible I would need the high voltage for insane speed, and the high amps for high gearings due to the limitation of my car. anyone knows any high capacity lipos good for car and can withstand high amp drawn?? TIA

    think will be very ex leh...last I checked around the net, for a 5s4p was around a few hundred many hundred??Well, enough to buy a kontronik tango brushless for a logo 14 heli....wanted to get into electic flight because fuel price is killing me but when I saw the price of the 5s4p battery, I had the shock of my life...the money is enough to buy 20gallon of 15% fuel....



      It is feasible to use lipos on cars but i think price would be killer. I think Thunder Power designed a pack shaped like a standard 6cell sub-c battery pack.

      Since current capability adds up with each cell being paralleled, a 50 A capable set up would probably need a 4P or 5P setup.

      For example the 1200HP's are good for 10 to 12A (10-12C continuous discharge) so a 2S5P setup would be sufficient to provide 8.4V and 60A continuous discharge. The car's power to weight ratio will increase for sure considering that the lipo pack's voltage is equivalent to a 7 cell nicd pack and its also lighter(?) than a 6 cell pack.

      Charging the 10 cells would also need a high amp charger unless waiting for hours to charge a pack is not an issue. But then again with 6000mah capacity at your disposal, its worth the wait
      I wonder whether a 2S5P lipo would be lighter than a 6 cell 3000 Nimh pack?
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        thanks for the inputs guys.
        I've been reading on ppl using lipos on their bl cars, they have mentioned that the high amp drawn of the bl is killing their expensive lipos.and some of them are trying out diffren brands to see which one holds.they usually use 4s2p or higher p. 4s would equivalent to average 14.8v, power!