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    These two Lipo batteries have just completed their 219 cycles today.
    Two cells started to show weakness in voltage retention from 210 cycles.
    But these batteries are still doing well in flights with no flight time reduction yet.


      Update. This pair is now at 250 cycles. A little more bloated, but still doing well in flights.
      The target is to reach 300 cycles.

      I was asked to remove this thread.
      If everyone really follow the suggestions in this thread and take care of their batteries,
      the battery shops won't be very pleased. LOL.

      Fortunately (to the shops), most people, even after reading this thread, won't bother to take care of their batteries.
      Interestingly, a lot of people prefer to squeeze that few percents from the shops.

      If you can get 250 cycles from your lipo batteries, this is like having a 60% discount.

      Deleting soon......


        This thread was suppose to be deleted, but still around. It refused to die.

        Like my this set of test lipo batteries. They reach 278 cycles now, but just won't die.
        I can't get new ones if they are still alive.


          I never count but one of my rc car lipos is well over 250 perhaps even over 300. Another 2, which were used when i bought them, should also be above 200. I cannot feel any deterioration in them.


            I have a lipo which I have lost count of the cycles. Could be more than 200, 300 or perhaps more than 500 cycles.