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beginner looking for help to fly a flying wing


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    beginner looking for help to fly a flying wing


    I'm new to building RC planes, I've scratch built a flying wing, based on the FT versa plans.
    But I haven't been able to get it to fly, maybe I'm launching it wrong or not controlling it right,

    Are there any experienced folks around Toa Payoh or anywhere close by, I'll come around with the wing,
    and if you spare a few minutes looking at the build and possibly help me fly/control it right.

    I need some lessons on controlling the wing while take off ..

    Thanks for any help/advice

    Joel R

    What transmitter are you using? Did you enable elevon for wing planes on your transmiter?


      I am looking for sifu also . Built at least 5 delta wings but could not them right to fly well especially launching



        Sorry for the delay in replying, I'll post all the specs of the build so its more clear what I'm trying to fly here,

        The wing is the FTversa in pusher configuration, its 38 inches wide,

        I'm using the MC6S transmitter, I have enabled elevon control for the wing planes,
        I do think I have the CG right,

        Other than that:
        XM2826EA-10-10P Dualsky motor
        - 2200 RPM/v
        - 43 gms

        XP26503GT-S Battery
        - 2650 mAH battery
        - 3S

        XC2512BA ESC

        Propellors ( LP 08060E)

        I ended up crashing it on its nose a few times trying to get it to fly,
        I'm thinking of building another one, since the nose is a bit ruined.

        If anyone is going to meet up or is around Toa Payoh I could come around and show what I have,
        but I really think I need to fly this next time with someone more experienced so I'm controlling the elevons correctly and launching it right.

        Thanks for any help or advice
        Joel Rebello


          1. Please check your CG is exactly where FT is asking it to be.
          2. The Elevons should be aligned in the same plane as the bottom of the wing.
          3. Adjust your throws as what is recommended for the size of your wing,
          4. Launch it against the wind direction, get someone to launch it for you. Launch should be with a sufficient thrust, such a way that wing wants to leave your hands.