FAI came up with this new class to attract the new generation of pilots who are more interested in 3D than the conventional, boring F3C.

Rules are about the same as F3C helis, just that they have no rotor size restriction.
3 segments to F3N

- Set Maneuver Flight: Pick 8 maneuver from the list of Set Maneuver(30 to pick). The pilot has 8 minutes to complete all the selected maneuvers.

- Freestyle flight: Min 3 minutes to max 4 minutes. Only safety is the key and you can do anything you want. No music

- Musial Freestyle: Playback of music combined with freestyle flight.

The schedules are pretty much out of my league. It's beyond my flying ability. But for those who are capable enough and want to try on the sim or real life, here's the schedule.

Happy Landings,

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