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  1. Turnigy 3D-H Gyro

    HK has introduced a new FBL from Turnigy. It is Turnigy 3D-H FBL. After seeing a few youtube video that the pilots are able to hover handsfree with this gyro, I am sold. In addition, this gyro is capable to function as a tail-only gyro as well, maybe for future nitro flybar helicopters.

    After clicking on the buy button last week, it is now waiting game. Hope that the parcel will come swiftly.
  2. What I wish I was told when I started RC Flight

    I wish someone had laid my RC options to me out like this before I made any purchases. I would have done things much differently had I known what I know now.

    Take this advice for what it is worth and make the best choices for you. This is just my version of a simplified look at RC planes in 2013.

    This is the plane that I suggest you start off with. It is only $89 for everything you need and it stays fun for a long time. The best part is that you don't need a big area to fly it in and it is very easy to transport: [url][/url]

    Here is an example of me flying my Champ in the wind:

    There are other trainers out there, but this is the least expensive and best way to learn IMHO due to its price and light weight. Less mass means less destructive damage. It does mean that it will get blown around in the wind more than a larger plane, but no planes should be flown in the wind by a beginner anyhow. I do suggest flying only over grass during your first few flights in a wide open area. The grass is far more forgiving than pavement is when you crash and if the area is wide open, there is no chance to crash into a tree if it gets away from you.

    Here is the best aileron trainer to learn on IMHO. It is $99 and works with the controller that comes with the trainer plane. It also looks insanely cool in person during low passes. It looks very realistic in the air and is a lot faster than the trainer plane:

    UM T-28:

    Once you have mastered the aileron trainer, flying either one of the next two planes should be well within your grasp(you will need to upgrade your controller to handle the bigger one for sure due to the speed of the plane and limited range of the controller than comes with the trainer plane):

    Parkzone F4F Wildcat: ...

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