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  1. Are we live?

    Hi guys....

    Testing out this Blog system!
  2. SK-720 VS Beastx

    I have bought a SK-720 for a while and it is sitting well in the package for quite some time. After fluing my 450 for about +/- 300 flight with a beastX on it, I just swapped the unit for an SK-720, I noticed a good difference.

    Cyclic is a little better, more connected & more locked-in, overall this is not a big improvement, but the big difference is in the tail, this is night and day difference, the SK-720 tail hold much better, I still had some tail blow out here and there with beastX, even with V3 software, now there is no more blow out with SK whatever I do, piro consistency is much better also.

    BX is great for the price, this is a solid unit, but I feel SK-720 is better and this will be a killer.
  3. Who is AEAJR?

    I live in the USA in New York on Long Island.

    I started flying in March of 2003 with a small electric RTF airplane called an Aerobird. Since then I have become more of a thermal soaring glider pilot than an electric airplane pilot. I fly pure gliders for thermal duration, DLG, slope and aerotow. These days the electrics that I fly tend to be e-gliders. I have about 26 gliders and planes with about 10 flyable at any given time.

    Most of my flying is at our club field. I am former President and current member of the Long Island Silent Flyers. We have a great club focused on thermal duration soaring and small electric airplanes.

    That is me in the video and that is my red tent in the background.

    The Long Island Silent Flyers - Come Fly with us

    I try to get to the field one day each weekend all year round. That is when I am not flying glider competition with the Eastern Soaring League. I am former President and Newsletter Editor of the League. I travel along the East coast of the USA for the ESL contests.

    My longest TD glider flight is just under 90 minutes. My longest slope flight was just over 2 hours. After that the flights become boring and I land. With slope, it can be the cold that gets me as slope soaring where I live on Long Island, NY, is mostly a winter time activity. At 20 degrees and 15 mph winds, it can be chilly.

    I started competing in thermal duration glider contests in our club in 2004 with Spirt 2M RES sailplane, then a Sagitta 600 then a 3 meter Airtronics Legend. They got me into a great sport and now I am totally hooked.

    In 2005 I started flying with the Eastern Soaring League. First with a Sagitta 600, then an Airtronics Legend. In 2007 I upgraded to a Polecat Thermal Dancer. With that plane and a year of flying I managed to move
  4. Trex 600E PRO DFC flight

    Practicing on my Trex 600e pro DFC.

  5. Turnigy 3D-H Gyro First Feel

    Turnigy 3D-H FBL gyro package has arrived at my doorstep. Along with the SE V2 carbon fiber frame, both items are installed on one of my SE V2 heli.

    2013-09-11 17.40.58.jpg

    Setup and Configuration
    I have always heard good things about beastx, and this 3D-H has allowed me to "try" out a similar setup as the beastx. No computer is required, all based on a series of LEDs on the gyro itself. A bit different as my experience come from Copterx and Tarot. As I getting familiar with 3D-H, I began to love the simplicity of the setup.

    First Flight
    As I began to spool up and transition into hovering, my heart was beating fast as I afraid of the heli will topped. Lucky, it goes to smooth hovering. The hovering feel very locked in compared to Copterx and Tarot. It seems like too much cyclic expo when I tried figure of 8 and forward flight. The tail lock is better too. Pitch up high and tried an inverted, have to bang the stick as though there is too much cyclic expo. I checked the manual, and dial 2 on the gyro is the one to adjust for this "cyclic expo" feel. Now this is the bad part, I turned CW towards the + on dial 2, but it feel even more "disconnected". After checking the Rcgroups thread, CCW towards the - is the correct direction, therefore the markings (+ and -) on the gyro are wrong.

    After getting the CCW direction correct, I slowly turned one mark by one mark to see if I can faster cyclic response. In the end, I have turned all the way towards the -, and it is too slow for half piro flip. Although the flight is very stable, it seems too stable to do 3D. Pack and go home with a dishearted feelling, I was thinking if I really got a good deal? Back home, I decided to re-read the manual, ah, it says this gyro need fast and high torque servos. Oh man, I am using analog servos. Time to get digital servos? Lol, Suddenly, it occurred to me that I read that earlier versions of beastx do not ...
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