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  1. F3n

    FAI came up with this new class to attract the new generation of pilots who are more interested in 3D than the conventional, boring F3C.

    Rules are about the same as F3C helis, just that they have no rotor size restriction.
    3 segments to F3N

    - Set Maneuver Flight: Pick 8 maneuver from the list of Set Maneuver(30 to pick). The pilot has 8 minutes to complete all the selected maneuvers.

    - Freestyle flight: Min 3 minutes to max 4 minutes. Only safety is the key and you can do anything you want. No music

    - Musial Freestyle: Playback of music combined with freestyle flight.

    The schedules are pretty much out of my league. It's beyond my flying ability. But for those who are capable enough and want to try on the sim or real life, here's the schedule.

    Happy Landings,

    F3N A.jpgF3N B.jpgF3N OPA.jpgF3N OPB.jpg
  2. Short introductory guide to FAI F3C/F3N

    I wanted to add the official rule book from the FAI website to here so that I can share, but it seems like the file of 1.4mb is too big to upload here.

    Here's the link address:


    The rule book contains all the rules and regulations of the model required. Here's a basic summary as of 2015:
    - 6.5kg max AUW(All up weight)
    - 250dm2 main rotor size (~800mm blades max depending on your rotor head width)
    - 51v max (12S Lipo)

    Each competitor has 9 minutes to complete schedule P which will be flown in front of a panel of judges. After every competitor has completed a single round of flight, the scores will be tabulated and ranked accordingly. After 4 rounds, the ranked scores(not the actual score from each flight) will be added to come up with a table which the top 15 pilots will do 3 rounds of flying using the more challenging schedule F.

  3. FAI F3C/F3N World Championship 2015 2-12 July 2015

    For those who don't know, the FAI's F3C/F3N contest will be held this year at Klopeinersee, Austria on 2 - 12 July 2015.

    Their facebook page for those who wants to follow the progress

    Website for more information:

    Mark Ryder from most likely will be attending to provide coverage for this poorly covered genre. Hopefully, it will be as detailed as possible with tons of pics, vids, interviews etc.... just like any other event like XFC or IRCHA

  4. What is it that I like about RC Helicopters..... F3C!!!!!

    Honestly, I have sold everything I had for my rc heli. So this is like starting all over again. (so fun! all the buying and choices it's like christmas!)

    I stumbled upon the dying art and discipline of F3C. Some may ask what is F3C? Pictures tells a hundred words.....


    Not sure if you guys can see the pictures I've attached because it is not showing up in the preview section on my screen. Anyways, I've just searched on google and typed F3C helis and you can see for yourself how they look like.
    Looks like this time, I can actually fly my helis.

    Here's a vid link of 5 time world champion Hiroki Ito doing the hovering sections. Amazing control over that machine!

    You guys go digest first. It may be familiar for some, might be raw for a few but anyways, happy watching more videos on youtube while I go have myself fed.

    Happy Landings,
  5. Me, myself and I.

    Hi Guys,

    This will be my second entry and SonicSS here saying Hi! I'll start by introducing myself and my beloved hobby for rc helicopters.

    I have been in and out of this hobby for roughly 10 years? Started out learning how to fly in Mode 1 on the very first incarnation of the Thunder Tiger 30. Back then was a student and it was a really expensive for me. But scrimping and saving here and there, repair costs were somewhat manageable! Can't find any pics of my first heli, and I guess back then camera phones were not that rampant and if I were to pick heli or camera phone, of course it would be my heli sinking funds!

    Fast forward to the present, I have decided to relook into my heli hobby and decided to take out my tools to tinker with one. Do note that accomplished flyer I am not, but I love to build them and the mechanical aspects of it. My medicore skills are just basic orientation and some flying around. Smack 3D or any forms of 3D dont work out for me. I've tried and i guess I have dumb thumbs and lacking talent in this department. It's always entertaining to watch and all the blade farts are just music to my ears.

    Oh by the way, it's my first time blogging. And I'll keep it within topics of my hobby and don't flame me if I mentioned something wrong. Instead, justify and correct me. It's a hobby, have fun and safe landings.

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