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Thread: XK X520 VTOL Fighter (vertical take off/land)

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    XK X520 VTOL Fighter (vertical take off/land)

    Brilliant VTOL. So simple to fly even in strong wind ! Take-off vertically, transition to normal flight with flick of a switch, and then flick switch back for vertical landing (or hand grab). Superb.

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    saw it in action yesterday. very good takeoff roll also, within 5m, its off the ground. On forward flight, its like as if on rails. Only issue is the CG is not ascertained. During rolls, strangely, the aircraft pitches up (no mixing possible on the TX setup), which can lead to a potential stall. However, the battery cannot be adjusted as the cavity for it is tight/narrow and fixed. For S/L flight, its good to go. In Acro mode, alot of ooomph with a mere 2S, can do vertical climbs and did 3 loops in succession without losing much altitude at the end. Good job by XK on this.

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    Has anyone tried experimenting with this plane? Do share your findings!

    My experiments included:

    1) removing the landing gear and flying without
    2) launching the aircraft on pure 3D mode
    3) testing out most basic aerobatics on the aircraft
    4) going max endurance on it at high altitude in 3D mode

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    Do you have any problems with customs when shipping this into SG from overseas (ie. *****ood)?

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