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Thread: anyone hv a 64mm edf blade to spare?

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    anyone hv a 64mm edf blade to spare?

    hi guys,
    was at the field doin thrust test for a freewing f15 when at 50% the blades came off. it had happened before and i screwed it back in really tight. but it happened agn n this time the blades broke. i wonder if any bro can spare a set of blades?

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    I have the 7 bladed..
    I love PAP

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    bro u able to spare it? or let me noe hw much. thks!

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    I dun know if the blade suit your edf..
    You may wish to bring your edf to try before buying
    I can sell you at the price I get them from hk.

    WhatsApp me at 92955969
    I love PAP

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