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Thread: Wooden ship

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    Wooden ship


    Is there anyone here has any experience with building wooden model ship? Those that require you to build from scratch plank by plank and the rigging of sail..

    I can't seems to find any hobby shop in singapore that sells these.

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    Just read your post. Had built a few in the past. Building wooden model ships is a very time-consuming but rewarding hobby. Don't think it is very popular here and understandably there is no hobby shop here (to the best of my knowledge) selling these kits. Years ago when Central Hobbies was still in business in Centre Point, they used to carry the Artesania range of wooden kits. If you are still interested, can try to hand carry one back when holidaying in England or US. Can also mail order but wooden kits are heavy and the shipping charge can be hefty.

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    I built quite a few during high school days. Some are remote control, others are just ran in the circle with some rudder adjustment. Non were scale.

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