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Thread: DJI Phantom Custom-made Prototype Casing (can fit Phantom with Prop Guard)

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    DJI Phantom Custom-made Prototype Casing (can fit Phantom with Prop Guard)

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    With the new Prop Guards out in the market for DJI Phantom, it becomes almost double the size bigger to store this quadcopter in a casing. Even the existing DJI flight case will not be able to contain the Phantom with the configuration of the Prop Guards mounted on it. It will also cost a bomb to purchase a bigger flight case (easily $450 -$700 more). User may not want to always mount and dismount the Prop Guard as it will damage the screw threading on the rotor arm that share the same screw threads with the rotors. May also cause mis-alignment to the rotors if the screw is not tighten properly.

    So I have build myself a prototype casing big enough to fit the whole DJI Phantom with the Prop Guards mounted on it and yet lighter than a flight case. This is my first prototype casing made of plastic cardboard which is strong enough to contain the quadcopter and all accessories. As you can see in the pics, there is enough space to put many stuff inside the case. Just the box itself weighs about 2 Kg and with the quadcopter and all accessories in it (as you can see in my pic), it is only about 4-5 kg. There are protection foams around the interior of the casing so that it will protect the quadcopter from any vibration and knocks. It is designed with a sling belt that can be attached to the casing so that you can carry it around on your shoulder. Though it may not be as hardy and strong as a flight case, it does serve its purpose to contain the DJI Phantom or any mid-size quadcopters to carry around with basic protection. You can use it as a H-pad for launching your quadcopter or even as a small acoustic setup for voiceover recording (you can actually get very clean non-reverberating acoustic sound by placing your microphone inside the casing and talking into it - Haa! Haa!)

    As this is just a prototype version, there are still many things that can be improved on the casing itself. I will be working on my next prototype version. Meanwhile, I'm selling away this one and only prototype set to fund for my next version. It is going for only $95. If you are interested to purchase, please sms or contact me at 9023 3811 for quick deal.

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    Very creative... ups for u la

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