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Thread: F-16 & F-35a Edf

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazifuyu View Post
    Hi Yaplee did you manage to build this nice LX A-10. wonder where to you guys fly this giant in sg???Tuas???
    Not completed yet bro..

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    Lx A10

    Quote Originally Posted by yaplee View Post
    Not completed yet bro..
    Hi Yaplee
    can share where u buy the LX A10 LHS??? was thinking of getting the LX F16

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    A-10 sold out, last piece is with me.

    F-16 is going for S$139 now

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    Sorry to ask. Saw some Lanxiang and Freewing models, any body know which got better quality? Their SU-35 Flanker very nice looking...

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    Scale look wise should be lan xiang, quality wise should be freewing.

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    Hi Wongkk,

    If you don't mind can you tell us more about your flyiby history....? Had you fly a EDF before......because seem like this is your first post. Because those in the EDF flyers are from prop plane first.


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    I,m might planning to get the Super-Hornet after some research even know it do not come with kit version just RTF & PNP I wonder why for this model they don't have kit version.....funny?


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    Smile EDF Plan for SU 35

    Quote Originally Posted by jameswilliam View Post
    Just to share with you guys, I 'm getting this two EDF soon

    Hi James,

    I senn EDF foam craft made by u .Where can i get the EDF plans for SU 35 of F22 or F18, parts list, drawings etc. Pl help.


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